April 22, 2012

Yummy Yum Cha in Berlin

Likely to become our new residence soon, Berlin scored a solid point upon our recent visit, with some mouthwatering dim sum which will definitely make an efficient remedy, should symptoms of Hong Kong home-sickness appear..

Walking past Yumcha Heroes in Mitte around lunch time, we thought - why not give it a chance and see how our much loved steamed bites are interpreted and reproduced here in the German capital..

Our surprise was all the greater as we were ready to show leniency under such circumstances. Despite a slight fancy look, the dumplings proved remarkably authentic and toothsome, of a finesse worthy of our favorite teahouses back in Hong Kong. Bis bald Berlin !

Weinbergsweg 8
D-10119 Berlin-Mitte
+49 30 76 21 30 35

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