July 8, 2012

Express chocolate raspberry tartlets

I had been thinking about putting such tartlets together since a friend visiting from Australia last month mentioned turning her leftover Lindt Easter bunnies into cakes. I still hadn't broken the one Tom got me this year like every year now since that Easter we spent in Hong Kong, where chocolate bunnies have not yet become a big enough tradition to pop up in a plethora of variations like I remember it being the case in my hometown Strasbourg ever since I was a little girl - when my father was the one hiding a chocolate bunny in the house for me before I would wake up..

The Lindt Gold Bunny may be industrial chocolate, it still tastes really good! So yes I was tempted to use my bunny into some sweet recipe, but preferably one that would keep its taste pretty intact. I had come across those lovely looking tartlet bases at Lindner in Berlin Mitte, a fine deli full of gorgeous products, and although I always prepare my own pastry, I quite fancied making an exception and giving them a try. Lastly, I bought some raspberries at the market since they are now perfectly in season, as I thought they would bring a nice crisp and summery touch to my tartlets.

So here we are for the ingredients:
- one (leftover) milk chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny
- a little bit of single cream to help it melt smoothly
- some ready-made good quality tartlet bases
- a few raspberries to to top it up, rinsed and dabbed dry with care

And then it's child's play!

Place the bunny in a saucepan (!) and melt it over low heat. When it starts turning into a paste, add some cream to obtain a soft shiny texture. With a spoon, divide between the tartlet bases (I managed to make 6 tartlets with a decapitated medium-sized bunny - I had to have a little bit of it as is...). Pop the raspberries hole down in the chocolate and place in the refrigerator for a little while until the chocolate is set.

Sieht toll aus und schmeckt so lecker! Rainy weekends in the German capital don't have to be sad...

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