Born in Strasbourg, France, I was lucky enough to grow up in a region rich in cultural and culinary identity, and a family where great importance is given to homemade meals taken together. As a little girl, I used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen with my mum, assisting in the preparation of casual family dishes varying with seasons and the yearly calendar.

Since then, my interest in food and cooking has grown and grown, becoming an increasingly important part of my life throughout the years. My curiosity for food is multi-faceted, from cultivation and markets, to nutrition and preparation of course, as well as reviews and stories of food from all over the world.

My own life has taken me to Asia, since graduating from HEC Paris in 2007. Based in Hong Kong, I have spent four years in Asia Pacific, concluding with working for top European F&B brands throughout the region.

Eager for a new adventure, my husband Tom and I said goodbye to Hong Kong and our loved ones in October 2011, to travel the world for a few months. I started Global Gourmande so our family and friends could follow our trail and share some of the experience.

Since we settled down in Berlin in Spring 2012, Global Gourmande has rather become a platform to share recipes as well as insights on people's traditions around the world, as I perceive them from the German capital. Berlin is a very cosmopolitan city, at the crossroads of many cultural and culinary influences, and our friends here come from all over the European continent and beyond. For that they constitute an endless source of both inspiration and learning for the casual yet passionate home cook I am.

Contact me at: florence.anna@gmail.com