February 13, 2012

Pike Place Chowder, Seattle

 Passing through Seattle the other day, our first excursion was none other than to the famous Pike Place Market. As it was time for some lunch and we were too hungry to wander around to assess dining options by ourselves, I asked the man in the information booth at the market entrance to recommend us a place to have a bite. He suggested Pike Place Chowder for, well good chowder. That sounded like a nice idea, especially as it was a rather grey and chilli day. It turned out that we did very well following that kind man's advice, as the chowder proved wonderful.

While I often find chowders too starchy and quite bland, this one was all the opposite - rich in superior cream and seafood, and nicely seasoned with a special blend of herbs and spices. Tom went for the New England Clam Chowder while I decided to give a try to the daily special which also featured mussels, salmon and leeks but no bacon. Both tasted exquisite. No wonder Pike Place Chowder received so many awards, as we quickly noticed from the multiple frames proudly hanging all around the little shop.

No need to say that after such a delight, we were more ready than ever to explore the bustling Pike Place Market and its amazing seafood stalls. And to cap it all, we even got to see some flying fish - a special attraction of this market!

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