November 30, 2011

First Christmas cookies of the year, made in Bali

Now is about the time when my mother and I would usually spend an afternoon or two making Christmas cookies together - or 'Weihnachtsbredele' as we like to call them in Alsace - and despite all the fantastic things that this trip offers me to see and experience every day, I admit being a little sad to miss the tradition and more importantly the family gathering this year. However, a lovely surprise occurred today and definitely made up for my nostalgic moments...

We arrived in Seminyak yesterday after spending a great few days in the remote town of Munduk, nestled in the middle of the rice paddies and all sorts of plantations in northern Bali. Fancying a little pampering, I went to a nearby beauty salon this morning and had a nice chat with Rina, the Indonesian lady looking after me. We talked about Christmas, as she happened to be catholic and not able to celebrate Christmas with her family this year either, as well as about the meal traditionally eaten for Christmas by local christian families.

While I was about to pay for my treatments, she came to me with a bowl full of gorgeous Christmas cookies prepared by what I understood to be her boss. It may sound a little childish, but this attention made me just so happy! Not only did the little angel shapes look adorable, but they also turned out to taste lovely with my cup of coffee this afternoon...

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