November 28, 2011

Chiang Mai: a treat for market lovers

Looking back at our time in Chiang Mai, it seems like a good deal of it was spent wandering around the city's various markets. No wonder: Chiang Mai's markets burst with life, bright colours, sweet fragrances and cheerful local vendors..

Warorot covered market happens every day and is definitely worth a visit. It's the perfect place to sample Thai sweets, available here in an impressive array of colours and shapes.

We were also lucky to be in Chiang Mai for the weekend, hence able to stroll around the long walking streets deployed every Saturday and Sunday afternoon until late evening. Among many others, the food stalls offer great northern Thai dishes - including delicious Khao Soi to which I dedicated a recent post - as well as many other interesting delicacies of varying appeal... If 'ancient' ice-cream turned out to be lovely despite its fairly unfamiliar rectangular shape and colour (I opted for the purple taro flavour...) I was slightly more doubtful in front of the all-but-raw-fish sushi maki displays (good though considering the heat out there!), not to mention the various species of crunchy-looking bugs and other fried insects!

Warorot market

Weekend walking streets

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